The project

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The forests of "rebollo" (Quercus pyrenaica) in Castilla y León (recognised as Habitat of Community Interest 9230), will be the study object and field experimentation of a new European project, LIFE +REB. In this Project, nine entities will collaborate until 2025, with the aim of working in the framework of "climate-smart forestry" (known in the research field as Climate-Smart Forestry, CSF), applied in the forests of “rebollo” in Castilla y León.

In addition to the environmental aspects (climate change mitigation, improving the resilience of forest stands, conservation and improvement of biodiversity and substitution of fossil materials), the project also aims to become a generalised framework for forest management and contribute to the dynamisation of rural economies with long-term carbon storage products.

LIFE +REB contribute to the achievement of European strategies and initiatives (Green Pact, European Biodiversity Strategy, European Bioeconomy Strategy, Circular Economy Action Plan or EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy), other national initiatives such as the National Energy and Climate Plan, National Adaptation Plan, the Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy or the Fight against depopulation).